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Sources for all your subscriptions. You can create folders with custom icons and sort sites as you want. The unread indicator will help to track new articles in one shot.

Feeds like in social networks, but without algorithmic hell. You can customize how feeds looks. Full-text search helps you to find any article on the required topic.

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Artykul Reader is the best-in-class solution. It allows you to read articles without leaving the app. All articles are available offline and without an internet connection. You can change font, size, and color theme. The app remembers where you stop reading. You can return to reading at any time.

Authors. You can turn on push notifications for favorite sites and be the first who knows about new articles. Feeds and folders will sync with your Artykul Account if you want.

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Bookmarks. You can add any web page to bookmarks and read it with Artykul. Mark any article as a favorite to return for it at any time.

Also for iPad and macOS. Artykul is available for all your devices, and all your data stay synced, if you want.

Download on the App Store Download on the Mac App Store
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I am the site owner. How can I improve the interaction?

You can check our Artykul Instructions format. Simplest way is to add "artykul-content" class to your content element. It's enough to most of the web-sites. We will introduce documentation for developers later this year.

Do you have social networks?

Yes, of course. You can reach Timur or Mikalaj in Twitter in any time. We always respond as soon as possible.

I have feedback or other questions.

You can always reach us at [email protected].